Dubai international destination

Why Dubai is the perfect International destination for indians

We take you through the details for first time international travelers to Dubai

Dubai International Tour Packages From India

Dubai is a magnificent destination one should never miss from your travel dairy.Dubai is the most visited destination from the world over and especially from India and it has emerged as one of the global tourist destination in the world.

Why Dubai emerged as one of the best tourist destination no doubt , it has the best “Tourist Attractions”.To name a few  like the 

  • Tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa.
  •  Probably one and only seven star hotel in the world is  Burj al Arab
  • Worlds biggest shopping mall like Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates.
  • Worlds Largest Aquarium
There are more additions to the above list and future projects will make travelers even more enthusiast.

“With so much luxury, glamour and amazing projects Dubai always portrays itself as the fantasy land for the tourists. Dubai is a place where fantasy converted to reality every day”

Dubai is one city where you find luxury in every aspect lets talk about tourism.The luxury beaches of Dubai with the marvelous creation of “The Palm”, other activities in the beach with lot of shopping , dining is encouraging tourist to these destination through out the year.

As in most of the international destinations the night life in Dubai is thrilling and amazing.The good thing about Dubai is that it hosts people, tourists, and expats from all over the world.The pubs and bar, restaurants with  varieties of cuisine to try.

Every year from celebrities to business trips and leisure tourists end up in shopping mall, which should be a must do activities in Dubai.These shopping paradise does not end merely for shopping but with real time activities like watching movies, skating , swimming and the beautiful aquarium.

When you talk about shopping, the 2nd thing which comes into mind is Gold. Gold Souk consists of over 300 retailers. People all over the world find it the centre of attention to purchase good quality gold.