What is the Best season to visit Manali in Himachal Pradesh

The most exciting destination for many activities in Manali, Himachal pradesh..

What is the Best season to visit Manali in Himachal Pradesh

One of the most popular tourist destinations in north India, Himachal Pradesh is known for their tourist attractions. Snow covered peaks of the mountain welcome you to the tourist places in Himachal Pradesh include Hill stations, Pilgrimage, Lakes, monasteries. The state receives maximum tourists during summer, but winter is similarly enjoyable with pleasant snowfall and various adventure activities




March  to June


July to September


October to March

1. Summer Season in Manali [ Himachal Pradesh]

Best time to visit manali

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The summer season in Himachal Pradesh is most popular among the tourist from all parts of the world, which starts from March and ends in June .The weekend zone for most of the neighbouring states. This season is ideally suitable for family, young couples, group and friends who can enjoy lot many activities.

Activities in Manali during summer season

·        Camping

·        Bike riding

·        White-water river rafting in Beas river.

·      Quad-bike rides, zorbing, paragliding and gondola (ropeway) ride, rock climbing, ballooning, camping and mountaineering can be indulged  at Solang Nullah.

·        Mountaineering expeditions to  Anjani Mahadev, Hanuman Tibba and Patalsu peak.

·        A must visit to places like Rohtang Pass, solang valley for various snow sports activity.

2.Monsoon Season in Manali [Himachal Pradesh]

Monsoon season in Manali

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The beginning of July to September in most part of Indian states brings back the freshness of rain, refreshing greenery and enchanting breeze in the valleys. It is recommended to enjoy the monsoon tourism, but avoids land sliding zones, and takes additional care while other affecting factors. Rains here can last up to days, providing much required boost to the water streams and rivers. Although, activities are limited in these months and it is considered as the OFF season in Manali but still there is a lot on showcase of nature to see and wonder. All the major activities are closed.

Activities in Manali during monsoon season

As you agree monsoon brings in lot of fresh water the best activity is to enjoy the nature and witness waterfalls in Manali

  • Jana Waterfall
  • Rahala Waterfall
  •  Rozy waterfall

3.Winter Season in Manali [Himachal Pradesh]

Winter season in Manali

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As the monsoon season ends Himachal is blessed with refreshing greenery, the happiness surrounds the valley attracting tourists, honeymoon couples, adventure enthusiasts. The temperature during winter in Himachal Pradesh ranges from (Zero) 0 to 15 degrees with snowfall which is a pleasant view to enjoy. It is the time when you can enjoy snowfall and spend some great time while viewing those beautiful snow-capped mountains.

Activities in Manali during winter season

  • Skiing in Solang valley
  • Skiing in Marhi,  Gulaba and  Dhundi.
  • Snowboarding
  • Heli Skiing in  Deo Tibba,  Rohtang Pass, Hanuman Tibba,  and Chanderkhani Pass.
  • Sledging down –Solang valley and Rohtang
  • Gondola rides
  • Ice Climbing in Kullu
  • Ice skating


Conclusion: So kids, youngster, old and energetic, couples, friends and families. Now you decide if winter is your choice or summer. Whatever might be Manali in Himachal is full of enthusiasm and activities. GO FOR IT!