The Beach and activities in Indonesia you should never miss.

Having stopover in myriad places in Indonesia is what makes this country a wonderful place to visit. The beauty of scenic natural landscapes blended with various unique culture of its people. Enjoy the untouched beaches, mountains, lakes, and many more pleasing destinations as well as the magnificent city skylines throughout the country. And when you decide to see them all, a visit won’t be enough to embrace the wonders of Indonesia.

The best season to visit Indonesia is between June to September

January- April in Indonesia

Indonesia is firmly in its wet season at the start of the year. There will be quite heavy rainfall yet temperatures will be warm (around 30°Cs) across the country, so the rain is often welcome to take the edge off the heat.

May-September in Indonesia

Long days of brilliant sunshine and no rain make this an excellent time to visit all of Indonesia. The beaches are sun-drenched, the mountains are crisp and dry and skies will be clear across the country; the perfect summer holiday destination

October- December in Indonesia

October will see the slow return of the wet season, although there are still some pockets of excellent weather. The monsoon starts fully in December, so there is still dry sunshine to be enjoyed at the start of the winter months.